Parenting, Food and Nutrition

Their nutritional health
...your peace of mind.

Parenting, Food and Nutrition

Want to know how to ensure “their nutritional health.....and your peace of mind?”

Help is available in the form of tangible tools, 'Positive Parenting with Food' strategies (see below) and judgment-free emotional support, all aimed at enhancing your appreciation of the different growth needs, developmental milestones and your child's unique food quirks.

Read Sylvia's 5 Fundamentals About Feeding Kids

Sylvia has written an article to help you understand the fundamentals of feeding kids.  The article provides insight into how parents and caregivers can help children develop healthy eating habits from an early age.  Sylvia has also included references and suggested reading so you can further explore this important subject.
Read the "Fundamentals of Feeding Kids"

Positive Parenting with Food Service Options

6-12 months old
Experience a smooth and healthy transition thru the Introduction of Solid Foods phase, including how to make your own healthy homemade baby food.

Learn the What, When, How Much & Whys that are so important during this critical phase of growth & development.

Learn how to enhance positive food & feeding relationships for years to come.

Resolve Failure-to-Thrive issues.

12 months old to Adolescence
Address picky eating and short order cooking.

Address anxieties that are getting in the way of nutritional health, age appropriate social interactions and worry free family vacations.

Effectively handle issues relating to energy balance, "healthy eating," body image, self-esteem and feeding relationship.

Learn how to strike a balance between your worry about their nutritional health..and your peace of mind.

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