Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating

"It's not about the food
....yet food provides an
essential fuel for the
therapeutic journey ahead."  Sylvia Kerr

Eating Disorders and
Emotional Eating

No, you are not the obsessive thoughts and behaviours that have controlled and limited your life.

Yes, I understand that your experience of eating issues is unique, because you are a unique individual. My experience tells me that with the right individualized support, you can bring the kind of peaceful balance to your life that you long for. For 19 years I have specialized in helping individuals and families move beyond the physical and psychological effects of the collection of symptoms commonly known as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and emotional eating.
I also work with children, adolescents and adults for whom none of these “labels” apply.

Our journey together is paced, based on your increasing ability over time. My experience and unique skill-set will be there to provide gentle guidance as you and I focus on your therapy needs, your nutrition, your Eating Management® skills building needs, or the combination of all three.

I weave Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills, Narrative talk Therapy and nutrition /eating management tools to assist you in achieving your treatment success.
The appropriate level of support is offered to individuals being affected by mild and moderate symptoms, as well as those needing “bridging-care” while waiting on hospital wait-list for more intensive medical care.

Services is offered to individuals and families in the form of talk therapy or on-site individualized eating management skills building sessions.
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